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Allison Bridges holding cards.
This page is where you will find updates, tips, and the latest projects!

Embedding a Video

A learning project.

The first video I’m attempting to load is from a few years and quite a few pounds ago! Since then I lost around 65 lbs by turning to a healthier lifestyle.

This is a fall project and was my first try at a Facebook “instructional” video.

Those drill bits are called paddle bits. Please exercise more caution than I do if you attempt any of my projects.

You’ve met the Moody. Allow me to introduce you to the Oops.

Because I’ll literally eat my way through the universe until I get it!

Y’all, I want to get healthy. Not just healthy but in good shape, toned and competitive. Because let’s face it, at my age, I need to work harder to stay in the game at all.

I’m already on a low-carb lifestyle, and I’ve seen and maintained great results. I want to step up my game now. It’s all about being fit.

So what I’ve learned in Recovery is that accountability keeps you straight. I’m taking my journey public so I’ll stay on it.

Y’all are welcome to join me! We can figure it all out together.