, What’s Your Side Hustle?

What’s Your Side Hustle?

The world is changing, and the way that we do business is changing with it! The things that used to get you through life don’t work anymore, and the Internet has caused a dramatic shift in the mindset of entrepreneurs. While it was once the norm to have one job, lots of people now have a job and a side hustle. Women, especially, have taken on the task of creating businesses with an eye toward the future, given the uncertainty of both the economy and the long term sustainability of retirement programs and social security.

These goals, no matter how much we might believe in them, are not always met with acceptance and support from the people closest to us–those who have vowed to stand beside us through thick and thin but somehow have trouble looking down the road at the myriad of possibilities and potential benefit of personal business ownership. Instead, they feel such an overwhelming sense of impending threat–to what, I’m not sure–that all rational decision making flies out the window and it becomes a struggle for power and control instead.

Instead of embracing the reality of mutual benefit, sometimes a significant other can pull so hard on the other end of the rope that you are either forced to let go of the rope, or be dragged into chaos, control, and confusion. That cannot be the way that God intended relationships to be.

A situation like this is made even more impossible when the initial response was positivity with all the trappings of “all in” support, that suddenly morphed into a hostility which makes the person and relationship completely unrecognizable- just a sad postscript to a situation that was troubled from the start but showed great promise.

So this reality leads me to ask the questions: What’s your side hustle?

And if you have a side hustle, which most of us do, does your spouse support you? In what ways are you supported or not supported?

What are your long-term goals? Your reason for starting the business? What’s your WHY? How would you feel about someone who tried to steal your dreams? If God starts something, does man have the right to stop it?

Asking for a friend….😂


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