Wishes and Frogs and Stuff Like That

Muster up the most country voice you can come up with. That’s the way you need to read the next paragraph. I’m writing a book–in my spare time of course. NOPE, I don’t have any spare time, but lucky for me, this book seems to be writing itself, which I consider to be “inspired.” I want you to read this little excerpt from the book–and tell me what you think. Setting: small town America in the South (some of you will recognize the exact place when you read the book). Characters: a group of kids growing up together–figuring out life, death, and all the in-betweens–at least as well as a group of kids can do. I’m not ready to share the title with everyone yet, but I think it’s the coolest thing I have ever written (which means God is obviously involved). So here is a little piece–remember, COUNTRY VOICE, little girl…

          “I’m tryin’ to learn how to play the piano. I really want to learn, it’s just that my left hand has a hard time doin’ different than my right hand, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work out for the two of ’em. I already tried takin’ guitar lessons, and I wasn’t very good at that either. Even though I can strum a chord or two, it’s the most boring instrument I can imagine learning how to play. My left hand was way better at doing basically nothin’ though, so I should have stuck to that. This is my 4th year takin’ piano, and I can only remember how to play two songs. Mama and Daddy have this celestial vision of me playin’ gospel hymns in church, while the whole choir sings “Hallelujah,” and the congregation says “Amen,” but that ain’t gonna happen ’cause they don’t play “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” in church, even though BJ Thomas is a Christian man. Plus, my piano playin’ falls way short of inspirin’ an “Amen” out of anybody but my own Mama! I doubt even Daddy would say it.”

So that’s it, just a short paragraph out of my book. The whole thing reads like that and has a lot to say about life and how it works out in the head of a little kid. I’m looking forward to finishing it because I don’t think it’s the only one I have in me. I have a feeling the kid is gonna grow up pretty slowly.